List of Post Codes for Manchester, England , UK

Lancashire, Manchester

Manchester, Bury M45, UK

Address and location information
Country: United Kingdom (UK), England
City/Town/Area: Manchester
Postal/Post/Zip code: M45 xxx
Map of the area:
M451AR M452DS M455RD M456AD M456AE M456AF M456AH M456AL M456AN M456AP M456AR M456AT M456AY M456AZ M456BB M456BL M456BS M456BX M456BY M456BZ M456DF M456DH M456DL M456DN M456DX M456DZ M456ED M456EE M456EG M456EJ M456EW M456FA M456FF M456FY M456GN M456NS M456NT M456QA M456RB M456TD M456TF M456TG M456TJ M456TL M456TP M456TU M456TW M456TY M456UA M456UD M456UE M456UF M456UH M456UJ M456UP M456US M457AL M457AY M457AZ M457BN M457DL M457EG M457EH M457EJ M457EL M457EP M457EQ M457ES M457EU M457EW M457FH M457FN M457FP M457FQ M457FT M457FU M457FY M457GG M457GN M457GQ M457GT M457GU M457GW M457GX M457GZ M457HJ M457HL M457HQ M457HR M457HX M457JE M457JS M457JU M457LA M457LD M457LN M457LQ M457LS M457LU M457LY M457NB M457NF M457NJ M457NL M457NP M457NQ M457NS M457NT M457NU M457NW M457NY M457PB M457PE M457PG M457PN M457PQ M457PS M457PT M457PW M457PZ M457QA M457QE M457QF M457QG M457QH M457QJ M457QN M457QP M457QQ M457QR M457QT M457QZ M457RB M457RD M457RE M457RF M457RG M457RN M457RP M457RQ M457RT M457RW M457RY M457RZ M457SG M457SH M457ST M457SU M457SY M457SZ M457TS M457TT M457UA M457UE M457UZ M457WH M457WN M457WP M457WQ M457WU M457WY M457WZ M457YA M457YB M458BB M458BD M458BE M458BL M458DN M458EA M458EQ M458ER M458ET M458EU M458EX M458FG M458FJ M458FN M458FP M458FQ M458FR M458FS M458FT M458GG M458GP M458GZ M458HA M458HD M458HL M458HN M458HR M458HU M458HW M458HZ M458JB M458JE M458JF M458JL M458JR M458JS M458JT M458LB M458LF M458LH M458LS M458LU M458LW M458LY M458ND M458NJ M458NN M458NQ M458NW M458PF M458PG M458PL M458PP M458PW M458PX M458QD M458QN M458RP M458SB M458SD M458SE M458SF M458SG M458SJ M458SL M458SR M458WN M458WS M458WT M458WY M458WZ M458XR M459JG

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