List of Post Codes for Manchester, England , UK

Lancashire, Manchester

Manchester M43, UK

Address and location information
Country: United Kingdom (UK), England
City/Town/Area: Manchester
Postal/Post/Zip code: M43 xxx

Map of the area:

M436AD M436AE M436AJ M436AN M436AQ M436BH M436BJ M436BL M436BP M436BW M436DW M436DZ M436EB M436EJ M436EN M436ES M436ET M436EX M436EY M436FD M436FE M436FL M436FS M436FU M436GA M436HA M436HF M436HL M436HN M436HP M436HQ M436JA M436JD M436JE M436JJ M436JN M436JW M436JZ M436LA M436LD M436LG M436LZ M436ND M436NE M436NH M436NJ M436PL M436PP M436PU M436PX M436PY M436QD M436QG M436QJ M436QX M436RL M436RP M436TT M436WB M436WD M436WF M436WH M436WQ M436WR M436WY M437AF M437AL M437AQ M437AT M437AW M437BB M437BD M437BQ M437DB M437DF M437DL M437DX M437EA M437ED M437EJ M437ER M437ET M437EX M437FE M437FN M437GA M437GD M437GX M437HG M437HH M437HN M437HT M437HU M437HW M437JE M437JG M437JH M437JJ M437JL M437JU M437JW M437JX M437JY M437JZ M437LA M437LB M437LJ M437LN M437LQ M437LU M437NE M437NJ M437NL M437NQ M437NS M437PD M437PG M437PN M437PS M437PT M437QA M437QH M437QL M437QZ M437RF M437RG M437RJ M437RN M437RP M437RQ M437RR M437RT M437RW M437RX M437SD M437SE M437SH M437SL M437SP M437SW M437TA M437TD M437TL M437TN M437TP M437TQ M437TX M437UG M437UT M437UU M437UW M437UX M437UY M437UZ M437WA M437WL M437WN M437YB M437YG M437YH M437YJ M437YP M437YR

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