List of Post Codes for Manchester, England , UK

Lancashire, Manchester

Manchester M29, UK

Address and location information
Country: United Kingdom (UK), England
City/Town/Area: Manchester
Postal/Post/Zip code: M29 xxx

Map of the area:

M290SZ M293FP M297AE M297AF M297AH M297AN M297AP M297AQ M297AR M297AS M297AT M297AU M297AX M297BD M297BE M297BF M297BJ M297BL M297BP M297BQ M297BT M297BX M297DD M297DE M297DF M297DG M297DH M297DP M297DS M297DT M297DU M297DX M297EA M297EG M297EH M297EJ M297EQ M297EZ M297FA M297FD M297FF M297FP M297FR M297FT M297FU M297FX M297FY M297FZ M297GA M297GD M297GF M297GU M297HA M297HB M297HD M297HH M297HJ M297HL M297HN M297HR M297HT M297HW M297HZ M297JA M297JB M297JE M297JF M297JN M297JW M297JY M297LX M297NA M297ND M297NG M297NH M297NJ M297NL M297NP M297NQ M297NS M297NU M297NW M297PE M297PF M297PJ M297PL M297PP M297PU M297PW M297PX M297PY M297PZ M297QE M297QH M297QJ M297QL M297QW M297QY M297RD M297RE M297RH M297RL M297RT M297RW M297SD M297SJ M297TJ M297TX M297WB M297WD M297WG M297WL M297WP M297WR M297WT M297WW M298AB M298AF M298AG M298AS M298AU M298AX M298AZ M298BA M298DA M298DH M298DL M298DQ M298DS M298DT M298DU M298ED M298ET M298EX M298FL M298FP M298FS M298FT M298GH M298GN M298GX M298HP M298HR M298HS M298HU M298HW M298HX M298HZ M298JF M298JP M298JQ M298JT M298LH M298LP M298LU M298NB M298NF M298NG M298NJ M298NL M298NN M298NW M298PA M298PB M298PH M298PL M298PP M298PQ M298PS M298PT M298PY M298QE M298QJ M298QL M298QS M298RB M298RD M298RE M298RH M298RJ M298RN M298RP M298TA M298TB M298TD M298TG M298TH M298WE M298WF M298WL M298WN M298XG M298XH

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