List of Post Codes for Manchester, England , UK

Lancashire, Manchester

Manchester M23, UK

Address and location information
Country: United Kingdom (UK), England
City/Town/Area: Manchester
Postal/Post/Zip code: M23 xxx
Map of the area:
M230AD M230AR M230AS M230BE M230BP M230BT M230BX M230BY M230BZ M230DA M230DE M230DL M230DR M230DS M230DZ M230EB M230EF M230EZ M230FA M230FE M230FN M230FQ M230FS M230FT M230FZ M230GA M230GB M230GD M230GF M230GG M230GH M230GP M230GR M230GT M230GZ M230HS M230JP M230LF M230LL M230LY M230NJ M230NN M230NP M230NS M230NW M230PA M230PF M230PG M230PJ M230PN M230PW M230PX M230PY M230QE M230QG M230QN M230QQ M230QS M230QW M230WN M230WQ M230WS M230WW M231AD M231AT M231AW M231BB M231BD M231BE M231BJ M231BQ M231BW M231BY M231DA M231DB M231DD M231DG M231DL M231DN M231DS M231DT M231DU M231DY M231ED M231ER M231ES M231EU M231EW M231FA M231FF M231FG M231FS M231FX M231HE M231HH M231HJ M231HL M231HQ M231HR M231HT M231HU M231HX M231HZ M231JP M231JR M231JU M231JX M231JY M231LB M231LE M231LL M231LN M231LQ M231LS M231LT M231LU M231LW M231LZ M231NB M231PA M231PL M231PP M231PQ M231PR M231PS M231PW M231PY M231WA M231WE M231WF M231WL M232BA M232BB M232BD M232GF M232GH M232GN M232GW M232QF M232QL M232QQ M232QT M232QW M232RN M232RW M232SG M232SJ M232SL M232TA M232TB M232TD M232TF M232TJ M232TP M232UB M232UJ M232UL M232UN M232UR M232US M232XH M232XJ M232XN M232XR M232XS M232XT M232XY M232YD M232YN M232YR M232YS M232ZA M232ZB M232ZD M232ZF M232ZG M232ZL M232ZP M232ZW M239AA M239AD M239AR M239AT M239AW M239AY M239BA M239BE M239BJ M239BR M239BT M239BW M239DA M239DG M239DJ M239EB M239ED M239EF M239EH M239EJ M239EL M239EW M239EX M239EY M239FA M239FB M239FF M239FJ M239FL M239FP M239FW M239GF M239GQ M239GX M239HA M239HB M239HD M239HE M239HF M239HH M239HJ M239HN M239HQ M239JB M239JN M239JS M239JT M239JZ M239LB M239LS M239NB M239ND M239NE M239NP M239PB M239PE M239PG M239PJ M239PL M239PQ M239PS M239PZ M239QB M239QE M239QH M239QJ M239RQ M239RY M239SA M239SS M239TF M239WH M239WW M239WZ M239XD M239YJ

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