List of Post Codes for Manchester, England , UK

Lancashire, Manchester

Manchester, Greater Manchester M13, UK

Address and location information
Country: United Kingdom (UK), England
City/Town/Area: Manchester
Postal/Post/Zip code: M13 xxx

Map of the area:

M130AF M130AS M130AU M130AY M130AZ M130BA M130BB M130BU M130DF M130DH M130DL M130DP M130DR M130DT M130DX M130DY M130EH M130EJ M130EL M130EN M130EW M130FE M130FF M130FJ M130FL M130FW M130FZ M130GE M130GL M130GN M130GR M130GW M130HL M130HR M130HX M130HY M130JN M130JP M130JQ M130JR M130LG M130LN M130MV M130NG M130NN M130NW M130PD M130PJ M130PL M130PP M130PR M130PS M130PU M130PW M130PX M130PY M130QF M130QG M130QU M130QW M130RF M130RP M130RQ M130RX M130SA M130SE M130SG M130TD M130TE M130TJ M130TP M130TW M130TX M130UB M130UD M130UJ M130UX M130WE M130WL M130WN M130WP M130WR M130WW M130WX M130XA M130XE M130XF M130XJ M130XL M130XQ M130XR M130XS M130XT M130YE M130YG M130YL M130YP M130YS M130YW M130ZJ M130ZN M130ZP M139AA M139AD M139AF M139AR M139BG M139BS M139BY M139DP M139DR M139DW M139EP M139ER M139ET M139EZ M139FL M139GB M139JA M139LJ M139LQ M139LU M139LW M139NA M139NG M139NP M139NT M139PL M139PP M139PT M139QH M139QS M139RD M139RL M139SB M139SD M139SJ M139SR M139SY M139TA M139TH M139TJ M139TR M139TU M139UD M139UF M139UQ M139US M139UY M139WJ M139WL M139XA M139XP M139XR M139XX M139YD M139YE M139YX

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