List of Post Codes for Liverpool, England , UK

Merseyside, Liverpool

Liverpool L24, UK

Address and location information
Country: United Kingdom (UK), England
City/Town/Area: Liverpool
Postal/Post/Zip code: L24 xxx

Map of the area:

L240SA L240SB L240SD L240SE L240SG L240SH L240SN L240ST L240TB L240TE L240TF L241UE L241UH L241UN L241UP L241US L241XJ L241YL L241YR L241YT L242RA L242SP L242SS L242ST L242SU L242SW L242SY L242TE L242TG L242TH L242TJ L242TL L242TN L242TP L242TR L242TS L242TW L242TX L242UA L242UB L242UG L242UP L242UR L242UT L242UY L242XJ L242XX L243TA L243TF L243TG L243TH L243TJ L243TR L243TW L243TX L243TY L243UA L243UE L243UN L243UP L243US L243UT L243XE L244AD L244AF L244AY L244BA L244BD L244BE L244BP L244BT L244BX L244BZ L244EB L245RB L245RG L245RU L245RZ L245SE L245SF L246SE L246SF L246SN L246SU L246SZ L246TQ L247RA L247RB L247RE L247RG L247RH L247RR L247RX L247SQ L247XQ L248DA L249BF L249BJ L249GS L249HX L249HZ L249LG L249LJ L249LL L249LN L249LP L249LR L249NB L249PB L249WD

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