List of Post Codes for Liverpool, England , UK

Merseyside, Liverpool

Liverpool L19, UK

Address and location information
Country: United Kingdom (UK), England
City/Town/Area: Liverpool
Postal/Post/Zip code: L19 xxx

Map of the area:

L190LA L190LH L190LL L190LN L190LP L190LS L190LT L190LX L190NB L190NE L190NJ L190NL L190NP L190NQ L190NT L190NZ L190PB L190PE L190PF L190PG L190PH L190PJ L190PL L190PN L190PR L190PS L190PT L190PU L190QN L191QE L191QG L191QJ L191QL L191QN L191QP L191QQ L191QR L191QS L191QW L191QY L191QZ L191RE L191RG L191RJ L191RP L191RQ L191RR L191RS L191RT L191RY L191RZ L192HA L192HD L192HF L192JG L192JP L192LA L192LB L192LG L192LH L192LX L192LY L192NA L192NB L192NL L192NW L192PQ L192PR L192QG L192QZ L192RF L192RP L192RR L192RS L192RT L193PA L193PH L193PN L193PS L193PT L193PU L193PW L193PY L193PZ L193QA L193QB L193QG L193QJ L193QS L193QT L193QX L193QY L193QZ L193RA L193RD L193RE L193RF L193RW L193RY L193RZ L194TA L194TG L194TH L194TP L194TQ L194TS L194TU L194TX L194TY L194TZ L194UB L194UD L194UG L194UL L194UN L194UP L194UT L194UX L194UY L194XB L194XD L194XE L194XS L195NB L195ND L195NF L195NH L195NN L195NU L195NW L195NX L195NZ L195PB L195PD L195PG L196PA L196PE L196PG L196PJ L196PL L196PN L196PQ L196PT L196PW L196PZ L196QA L197NA L197NB L197ND L197NL L197NN L197NQ L197NS L197NU L197NW L197PG L198DA L198DB L198JL L198JP L198JS L198JU L198JZ L198LA L198LF L198LJ L198LQ L198LX L199AD L199AE L199AF L199AH L199AL L199AT L199AU L199AX L199AY L199AZ L199BB L199BE L199BH L199BJ L199BL L199BP L199BQ L199BR L199BS L199BU L199BZ L199DB L199DD L199DJ L199DP L199DQ L199DR L199DS L199DT L199DU L199DY L199DZ L199EQ L199EY L199HA L199HG

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