List of Post Codes for Liverpool, England , UK

Merseyside, Liverpool

Liverpool L15, UK

Address and location information
Country: United Kingdom (UK), England
City/Town/Area: Liverpool
Postal/Post/Zip code: L15 xxx
Map of the area:
L150ED L150EF L150EG L150EH L150EJ L150EL L150EN L150EQ L150EW L150EY L150EZ L150FH L150HF L150HH L150HL L150HN L150HP L150HQ L150HR L150HS L150HT L150HU L150HW L150HY L151EE L151EG L151EJ L151EL L151EQ L151ET L151EW L151EX L151EZ L151HB L151HE L151HG L151HH L151HN L151HQ L151HW L151SD L152HA L152HD L152HF L152HG L152HH L152HJ L152HL L152HN L152HP L152HQ L152HR L152HS L152HT L152HU L152HW L152HX L152HY L152HZ L152JD L152JE L153HF L153HG L153HH L153HL L153HN L153HP L153HQ L153HR L153HS L153HT L153HU L153HW L153HX L153HZ L153JD L153JE L153JG L153JH L153JJ L153JL L153JN L153JQ L153JT L153JY L153JZ L153LA L153LB L153LD L153LE L154HA L154HB L154HE L154HG L154HH L154HJ L154HL L154HP L154HQ L154HR L154HS L154HT L154HU L154HW L154HX L154HZ L154JA L154JD L154JE L154JF L154JQ L154JT L154JU L154JX L154LA L154LF L154LG L154LH L154LR L154LS L154NA L154NB L154ND L154PF L154PP L154PW L155AD L155AE L155AG L155AH L155AJ L155AL L155AT L155AU L155AX L155AY L155AZ L155BB L155BD L155BE L155BG L155BH L155BJ L155BL L155BN L155BP L155BR L155BS L155BT L155BU L155BW L155BX L155BZ L155HQ L156TA L156TD L156TF L156TG L156TJ L156TL L156TT L156TU L156TZ L156UA L156UB L156UD L156UE L156UF L156UG L156UH L156UL L156UQ L156UR L156US L156UX L156UY L156WA L156WB L156XA L156XB L156XE L156XF L156XG L156XN L156XP L156XQ L156XU L156XW L156XX L156XZ L156YE L156YF L157JA L157JD L157JE L157JF L157JG L157JH L157JJ L157JN L157JP L157JS L157JW L157JX L157JY L157JZ L157LD L157LE L157LF L157LG L157LH L157LJ L157LQ L157LR L157LT L157LU L157LW L157LX L157LY L157NS L158AJ L158AL L158AN L158GA L158GB L158GD L158GE L158HB L158HH L158HL L158HS L158HW L158HX L158HY L158JA L158JE L158JF L158JG L158JJ L158JL L158JX L158JY L158LE L158LF L158LL L158LP L158LR L158LT L158LU L158LX L158LZ L158NA L158NB L159EE L159EF L159EG L159EQ L159ER L159ES L159ET L159EU L159EY L159EZ L159HD L159HE L159HF L159HG L159HH L159HJ L159HN L159HP L159HQ L159HR L159HW

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