List of Post Codes for Liverpool, England , UK

Merseyside, Liverpool

Liverpool L14, UK

Address and location information
Country: United Kingdom (UK), England
City/Town/Area: Liverpool
Postal/Post/Zip code: L14 xxx

Map of the area:

L140BA L140JD L140JE L140JF L140JG L140JJ L140JN L140JP L140JY L140JZ L140LD L140LE L140LN L140LS L140LU L140LY L140LZ L140NE L140NF L140NH L140NP L140NR L140NU L140NW L140NX L140PD L140PF L140PH L140PJ L140PL L140PQ L140WX L141PE L141PF L141PJ L141PN L141PU L141PY L141QA L141QE L141QH L141QL L141QN L141QQ L142DB L142DF L142DG L142DH L142DQ L142DX L142DY L142ED L142EF L142EG L142EJ L142EL L142EN L142EP L142EY L142HA L143LA L143LB L143LE L143LF L143LG L143LH L143LJ L143LL L143LN L143LQ L143LW L143LX L143LY L143NB L143ND L143NP L143NQ L143NR L143NU L144AP L144AY L144BB L144BE L144BJ L144BL L144BR L144ED L145NP L145NU L145NX L145PA L145PB L145PD L145PF L145PJ L145PL L145PR L146TA L146TD L146TF L146TG L146TH L146TJ L146TN L146TP L146TQ L146TS L146TU L146TX L146TY L146UA L146UB L146UD L146UE L146UF L146UG L146UJ L146UL L146UP L146UQ L146UT L146UU L146UY L146UZ L146XA L147NA L147NJ L147NL L147NN L147NR L147NS L147NU L147NW L147PA L147PE L147PG L147PL L147PN L147PP L147PQ L147PS L147PT L147PU L147PY L147PZ L147QA L147QB L147QJ L147QL L147QQ L147QW L148UA L148UH L148UJ L148UN L148UX L148XH L148XR L148XX L148XY L148YD L149BA L149LN L149LP L149LR L149LS L149LT L149LU L149LX L149LY L149LZ L149NA L149NS L149NY L149PA L149PS L149PT L149PW L149PZ L149QA L149QN L149QT L149QU

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