List of Post Codes for Liverpool, England , UK

Merseyside, Liverpool

Liverpool L12, UK

Address and location information
Country: United Kingdom (UK), England
City/Town/Area: Liverpool
Postal/Post/Zip code: L12 xxx
Map of the area:
L120AA L120AB L120AE L120AF L120AJ L120AL L120AU L120AW L120AX L120AZ L120BB L120BD L120BE L120BG L120BH L120BJ L120BL L120BR L120BS L120BW L120DF L120HE L120HF L120HG L120HH L120HP L120HS L120HT L120HW L120HX L120HY L120JB L120JF L120JL L120JN L120JP L120JQ L120JX L120JZ L120LH L120LJ L120LL L120LS L120LT L120LX L120NA L120NF L120NG L120NP L120NS L120NT L120NU L120NW L120NY L120NZ L120PA L120PB L120PE L120PF L120PH L120PL L120PN L120PP L120PQ L120PR L120PW L120PY L120QB L120QD L120QF L120QG L120QN L120QP L120QR L120QS L120QY L120RJ L120RL L120RN L120RP L120RR L120RS L120RY L120SA L120SB L120SE L120SG L120SN L120SQ L121LB L121LH L121LR L121LT L121LU L121LX L121LY L121LZ L121ND L121NH L122AD L122AG L122AH L122AJ L122AL L122AN L122AP L122AS L122AT L122AU L122AX L122BA L122BB L123HB L123HJ L123HL L123HN L123HS L123HU L123HW L124DD L124DF L124JD L124WT L124WU L124XD L124XE L124XF L124XH L124XN L124XU L124XZ L124YA L124YE L124YG L124YN L124YP L124YR L124YS L124YT L124YU L125EA L125EE L125EG L125EJ L125EN L125EQ L125ER L125EU L125EX L125EY L125EZ L125FB L125HA L125HB L125HE L125HF L125HG L125HH L125HQ L125HR L125HS L125HT L125HW L125HY L125JB L125JE L125JF L125JH L125JJ L125JL L125JN L125JP L125JS L125JU L125JX L125LS L125LT L125LX L125LZ L125NA L125NH L126QD L126QG L126QH L126QN L126QP L126QS L126QU L126QY L126QZ L126RA L126RB L126RD L126RG L126RR L126RS L126RW L127HB L127HD L127HF L127HJ L127HP L127HR L127HS L127HU L127HZ L127JG L127JJ L127JN L127JR L127JS L127JU L127JZ L127LA L127LG L127LH L127LQ L127LR L127LW L128QA L128QB L128QD L128QF L128QG L128QH L128QJ L128QL L128QQ L128QR L128QU L128QW L128QX L128QY L128RA L128RB L128RD L128RE L128RH L128RL L128RN L128RP L128RR L128RT L128RU L128RW L128RY L128RZ L128SP L128SR L128SY L129ED L129EE L129EF L129EG L129EH L129EJ L129EL L129EP L129EQ L129ES L129EU L129EW L129EX L129EZ L129HA L129HB L129HF L129HG L129HU L129HW L129HX L129HZ L129JA L129JD L129JE L129JF L129JQ L129JR L129JS L129JT L129JY L129LA L129LB L129LJ L129LN L129LQ L129LS L129LX L129LY L129LZ L129NB L129NE L129NW

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