List of Post Codes for Birmingham, England , UK

West Midlands, West Bromwich

Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham B72, UK

Address and location information
Country: United Kingdom (UK), England
City/Town/Area: Birmingham
Postal/Post/Zip code: B72 xxx

Map of the area:

B721AE B721AF B721AG B721AH B721AL B721AN B721AP B721AR B721AT B721AU B721AZ B721BD B721BH B721BP B721BW B721BX B721DB B721DH B721DJ B721DN B721DP B721DT B721DW B721EA B721ED B721EF B721FW B721HA B721HD B721HE B721HF B721HH B721HJ B721HP B721HQ B721HR B721HX B721JB B721JF B721JG B721JL B721JN B721JQ B721JR B721JS B721JT B721JU B721JW B721LA B721LB B721LD B721LE B721LF B721LG B721LL B721LU B721LW B721LX B721LY B721ND B721NE B721NG B721NH B721NL B721NN B721NP B721NR B721NS B721NW B721NY B721QA B721QP B721QQ B721QU B721RD B721RQ B721RR B721RT B721SD B721SH B721SN B721SP B721SR B721SS B721SU B721SW B721SY B721TJ B721TU B721TX B721UP B721UU B721UX B721XG B721XH B721XY B721YJ B721YN

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