List of Post Codes for Birmingham, England , UK

West Midlands, Birmingham

Birmingham B47, UK

Address and location information
Country: United Kingdom (UK), England
City/Town/Area: Birmingham
Postal/Post/Zip code: B47 xxx

Map of the area:

B475BP B475BS B475BT B475BW B475DD B475DG B475DL B475DP B475DX B475ED B475EN B475ER B475ES B475HE B475HJ B475HL B475HQ B475HT B475HX B475HZ B475JB B475JE B475JN B475JP B475JR B475JS B475JT B475JY B475JZ B475LD B475LH B475LJ B475LN B475LR B475LS B475LT B475NE B475NH B475NR B475NU B475NY B475NZ B475PA B475PH B475PT B475PU B475PX B475PY B475QA B475QD B475QE B475QF B475QG B475QJ B475QL B475QP B475QQ B475QS B475QT B475QU B475QX B475RB B475RD B475RH B475RJ B475RL B476AE B476AF B476AR B476BJ B476BS B476BU B476BY B476EG B476EJ B476EP B476EQ B476ES B476ET B476EW B476HA B476HB B476HE B476HG B476HN B476HQ B476JH B476JL B476JP B476LH B476LL B476LT B476LW B476LZ B476NG B476WG

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