List of Post Codes for Birmingham, England , UK

West Midlands, Birmingham

Birmingham B38, UK

Address and location information
Country: United Kingdom (UK), England
City/Town/Area: Birmingham
Postal/Post/Zip code: B38 xxx

Map of the area:

B380AE B380AG B380AH B380AQ B380AR B380AU B380AW B380BD B380BE B380BG B380BJ B380DS B380EA B380EB B380HD B380HH B388AG B388AJ B388AN B388AP B388AR B388AT B388BJ B388BL B388BN B388BS B388BY B388DB B388DE B388DP B388DR B388DT B388DU B388DX B388DY B388EA B388EE B388ES B388EX B388HE B388HF B388HH B388HP B388HT B388HY B388HZ B388JA B388JD B388JF B388JH B388JJ B388JL B388JQ B388JT B388JX B388JY B388LN B388LU B388LX B388NA B388NB B388NG B388NH B388NL B388NN B388PB B388PD B388PE B388PG B388PH B388PN B388PR B388PS B388PW B388QD B388QE B388RA B388RB B388RD B388RE B388RG B388RN B388RU B388RY B388SA B388SD B388SE B388SJ B388SL B388SN B388TB B388TD B388TH B388TJ B388TL B388XA B388XD B388XF B388XQ B388YB B388YD B388YE B388YN B388YP B388YR B388YX B389AA B389AE B389AG B389AJ B389AL B389AN B389AP B389AQ B389AR B389BB B389BG B389BP B389BT B389BU B389BY B389DB B389DX B389EY B389HN B389HS B389HU B389HW B389HX B389JB B389JE B389JP B389JY B389LB B389LH B389LR B389LU B389NE B389NG B389NN B389NY B389PB B389PD B389PE B389PG B389PH B389PT B389QA B389QP B389QQ B389QS B389QX B389RD B389RE B389RF B389RJ B389RL B389RP B389RR B389RT B389RW B389RY B389SA B389SG B389SH B389SP B389SQ B389SW B389TB B389TP B389TT B389TX B389UF B389UG B389UL B389UN B389UP B389UQ B389UR B389US B389UT B389UU B389UW B389UX

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