List of Post Codes for Birmingham, England , UK

West Midlands, Birmingham

Birmingham B25, UK

Address and location information
Country: United Kingdom (UK), England
City/Town/Area: Birmingham
Postal/Post/Zip code: B25 xxx

Map of the area:

B258AE B258AH B258AL B258AP B258AR B258AY B258AZ B258BD B258BE B258BH B258BJ B258BX B258DP B258DR B258DS B258DU B258DX B258EA B258EE B258EH B258EX B258HP B258HQ B258HT B258HY B258HZ B258JA B258JB B258JE B258JF B258JN B258JR B258JS B258JU B258JX B258LA B258LB B258LF B258LH B258LL B258LN B258LP B258LR B258LS B258LT B258LU B258NA B258NB B258ND B258NF B258NL B258NS B258NU B258NX B258NY B258PB B258PD B258PX B258QD B258QE B258QG B258QH B258QU B258QX B258QY B258RE B258RG B258RH B258RJ B258RN B258RQ B258RS B258RT B258RX B258RY B258SA B258SB B258SH B258SJ B258SP B258ST B258SW B258SY B258TA B258TD B258TE B258TH B258TJ B258TN B258TS B258TT B258TU B258TX B258TY B258TZ B258UB B258UE B258UF B258UP B258UR B258UT B258XB B258XE B258XJ B258XL B258XN B258XR B258XT B258XU B258XW B258XY B258XZ B258YA B258YG B258YL B258YN B258YP B258YU B258YY B258YZ

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