List of Post Codes for Birmingham, England , UK

West Midlands, Birmingham

Birmingham B16, UK

Address and location information
Country: United Kingdom (UK), England
City/Town/Area: Birmingham
Postal/Post/Zip code: B16 xxx
Map of the area:
B160AB B160AH B160AN B160AX B160AY B160DG B160DJ B160DL B160DQ B160ED B160EL B160EN B160EP B160ER B160ES B160ET B160EU B160EZ B160HG B160HH B160HL B160HN B160HQ B160HU B160HY B160JG B160JH B160JL B160JP B160JQ B160JU B160JX B160JY B160LD B160LH B160LJ B160LL B160LN B160LP B160LR B160LS B160LT B160LW B160NE B160NN B160NP B160NT B160PA B160QZ B160RP B160RR B160RS B160RT B160RU B160RX B160RY B160RZ B160SJ B160SL B160SN B160SW B160SX B160TE B160TF B168AB B168AD B168AE B168AF B168AG B168AH B168AL B168AT B168BS B168BZ B168DB B168DD B168DE B168DS B168DX B168DY B168EJ B168EN B168EP B168EQ B168ER B168EW B168EX B168EY B168FF B168FJ B168FL B168FN B168FP B168FQ B168GY B168GZ B168HA B168HB B168HG B168HJ B168HN B168HQ B168HW B168HZ B168JB B168JD B168JG B168JL B168JN B168JP B168JT B168JZ B168LB B168LT B168LU B168NH B168PE B168PF B168RP B168RT B168RU B168SN B168SP B168SU B168SW B168TG B168TP B168UR B168UU B168UZ B168XF B168XN B169AA B169AF B169AL B169BD B169BG B169BH B169BJ B169BL B169DA B169DF B169DJ B169DL B169DN B169DP B169DQ B169DR B169DS B169DT B169DU B169DX B169DY B169DZ B169EB B169EF B169EG B169EH B169EL B169EN B169EP B169EQ B169ER B169ES B169ET B169EU B169EX B169EY B169HR B169HS B169HU B169HX B169HY B169JA B169JB B169JH B169JJ B169JN B169JP B169JR B169JS B169JT B169JU B169LB B169LG B169LJ B169LL B169LN B169LP B169LQ B169LR B169LS B169NB B169ND B169NE B169NH B169NJ B169NQ B169NS B169NT B169NU B169PH B169PS B169PT B169PW B169QU B169QX B169RD B169RE B169RG B169RH B169RJ B169RR B169SD B169SE B169SH B169SN B169SQ B169SS B169ST B169SU B169TA B169TD B169XF

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