List of Post Codes for Birmingham, England , UK

West Midlands, Birmingham

Birmingham B15, UK

Address and location information
Country: United Kingdom (UK), England
City/Town/Area: Birmingham
Postal/Post/Zip code: B15 xxx

Map of the area:

B150AS B151AS B151AU B151AY B151BQ B151EH B151EJ B151EQ B151HD B151HE B151HF B151JD B151JJ B151JN B151LD B151LH B151NE B151NH B151NP B151PJ B151PL B151PQ B151QP B151QS B151SL B151TH B151TS B151UE B151UG B151UH B151UJ B151UQ B152AE B152AL B152AN B152AP B152AR B152AS B152BB B152BD B152BJ B152BQ B152BW B152DD B152DF B152DG B152DP B152DW B152DX B152EG B152EL B152EQ B152ES B152ET B152EU B152HA B152HG B152HJ B152JG B152JJ B152JP B152JQ B152JR B152JT B152JU B152JX B152LB B152LD B152LH B152LJ B152LL B152LN B152LQ B152LR B152LW B152LX B152LY B152NB B152ND B152NE B152NL B152NP B152NQ B152PG B152PL B152PN B152PP B152PQ B152QB B152QH B152QL B152QN B152QP B152QU B152QW B152QX B152RB B152RE B152RF B152SA B152SH B152SL B152SN B152SQ B152SX B152TG B152TH B152TL B152TT B152TU B152UA B152UH B152UP B152UU B152UW B152UX B152UY B153AA B153BE B153DH B153DP B153DU B153EN B153ER B153ES B153FT B153HA B153HB B153HG B153JB B153JF B153JJ B153JN B153JP B153JQ B153JY B153LA B153LB B153LH B153LL B153LU B153LW B153LX B153NE B153NG B153NL B153NT B153NU B153NW B153NY B153PB B153PE B153PH B153PJ B153PS B153PZ B153QE B153QG B153QL B153QQ B153QR B153QS B153RA B153RD B153RH B153RJ B153RL B153RS B153RT B153RU B153SA B153SB B153SS B153SX B153SZ B153TE B153TF B153TH B153TN B153TP B153TQ B153TR B153TS B153TY B153UA B153UG B153UJ B153UR B153US B153XH B154ES B157RT B158XE

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