List of Post Codes for Birmingham, England , UK

West Midlands, Birmingham

Birmingham B12, UK

Address and location information
Country: United Kingdom (UK), England
City/Town/Area: Birmingham
Postal/Post/Zip code: B12 xxx

Map of the area:

B120BS B120DG B120DX B120HT B120HU B120JB B120JJ B120NF B120NL B120NP B120NQ B120NS B120NX B120NZ B120PH B120PR B120PS B120RL B120RP B120RT B120SS B120TA B120TT B120TU B120UJ B120XP B120XZ B120YT B120YY B120YZ B121QW B123QW B126TY B128AY B128BJ B128BL B128BN B128BP B128BW B128DB B128DF B128ED B128EH B128HL B128HT B128JL B128JU B128LB B128LS B128LU B128NA B128NG B128NU B128PB B128PU B128QA B128QB B128QE B128QH B128QN B128QS B128QT B128QX B128QY B128RB B128RG B128RL B128RQ B128RT B128SF B128TJ B128UB B128UE B128UJ B128UR B128UU B128UX B128XA B128XB B128XD B129AN B129AT B129BH B129BL B129DS B129EF B129EQ B129ER B129EX B129HD B129HF B129LA B129LH B129LN B129LR B129LZ B129NA B129ND B129NE B129NG B129NJ B129NQ B129NS B129NT B129NU B129PB B129PE B129PH B129PJ B129PN B129PW B129PX B129PY B129QA B129QB B129QD B129QE B129QG B129QP B129QQ B129QS B129QU B129RA B129RG B129RJ B129RR B129RU B129RW B129SP B129SY B129TB B129TD B129TW B129TZ

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